Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making Online Attestations

I use attestations to affirm that an individual has read an online posting or activity. This is similar to using a clip board with a sign in sheet for on-unit updates or a “read and sign,” except this is done electronically. Attestations can be easily made by using an online quiz maker or manager. I use the test template in my account with QUIA but I've also experimented with the quiz maker on ProProfs and Blackboard. By using an online quiz maker I can track who participated in the online activity and what unit they came from. The basic templates for most quiz makers are similar in structure. To create an online attestation by using a quiz maker, I do the following:
1.       Click on “Create a quiz”
2.       Name the quiz: For attestations I generally use the following "Attestation Form: Name of the online activity "*
3.        “Description”: Provide a brief instruction such as the following:
 Please indicate "True" or "False," attesting that you have completed reading the online activity. Enter your first and last name in the boxes provided below.
4.       Add one “True-False" question
5.       Enter the value for the one-question quiz at 100%
6.       Enter the following statement in the question box:
a.       I attest that I have fully reviewed the “Name of the Online activity”*
7.       Select “True” as the answer
8.       “Settings”
a.       Uncheck the options for” Question number” and “Point values”
9.       "Access"
a.       Logon required: with this option your student rosters should already be set up
b.      No logon required: no rosters required; however you will not be able to filter your participants by unit
10.   “Global settings”
a.       Enable the quiz
b.      Show all questions
c.       Anonymity: Require student names
d.      Feedback: Select no feedback
e.      Attempts permitted: Select “1”
f.        Security: Disable copy, paste, and printing
11.   Click “Done”

12.   The Attestation page will have a specific URL located in the address bar
a.       Copy the link
b.      Make the link available on the web page where the activity exists. I generally hyperlink an interactive button.
* In place of the words, “Name of the online activity,” add the actual name of the activity.
If your staff does not have access to the internet request by-passing the proxy from your IT department for the URL. By requesting the bypass, staff can directly access the attestation. 

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