Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online Binders in the Hospital Setting

Last weekend as the snow fell in New York, I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a presentation on “LiveBinders” that was streaming live from the “TeachMeetGA 2012” conference. Steven W. Anderson also known as @web20classroom gave a presentation that provided excellent information on this application. If you have an opportunity visit his blog for good information and tips!
The website describes “LiveBinders” as a “three ring binder for the web.” By creating a "Live Binder", one can collect and organize resources found on the web including PDFs and videos. This is a terrific site to use for compiling information on any topic into a small neat online binder. According to the site and individual can upload any file up to 5 MB with a total storage of 100 MB. Current subscriptions are free!
LiveBinders offers video tutorials that clearly explain how to use the site. Click here for a brief video overview of LiveBinders. I found this application easy use and fairly intuitive. Some considerations for using this site in the hospital setting:
  • Use websites that the hospital has already approved for a bypass proxy. This will simplify access to pages by staff who may or may not have internet access
  • Request a bypass proxy in writing for hospital-blocked sites and provide the rationale for access (Example: Educational YouTube videos)
  • Use the embedding codes to have the binder appear on the website
  • Organize binders for almost any topic including patient education, hospital safety, new initiatives, staff education, practice updates, and more!
  • Use the Edit button to access the different page layouts 
  • Binders can be easily updated by adding/changing URLs to existing or new tabs
Below is a LiveBinder that I quickly put together on Patient Safety Information.