Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creating Music Videos for Nursing Education

The first time I ever heard of Animoto was after reading a publication,Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration written by Richard Byrne that can be found on his blog site: Free Technology 4 Teachers.  Animoto  is an online service that offers a way for the average person to create stunning music videos! I am happy to report that Animoto is fun and amazing. I signed up for a free account that allows me to make 30-second videos. I also took advantage of  Animoto for Education that  is available for teachers and students. Unlike many other sites I have visited, this one lives up to their promise of being "fast, free, and shockingly easy."  The first video I created, “Nurses” took 30-minutes while sitting comfortably in my easy chair. I used clip art of nurses and interspersed words in between them. My jaw dropped when the project was complete. I was watching a music video that had a slick, professional appearance to it.

Animoto can be used to create infomercials for both staff and patient education. I recently made one entitled, “Friction Scrub the Hub” emphasizing the importance of cleansing an injection cap for 15-seconds using friction.   Music videos make a nice alternative to hand-made posters. In a certification course for distance learning that I took earlier this year, one participant discussed how creating a poster was one of the course requirements and this could not be done online.  I suggested that an updated version to the traditional oak-tag poster would be to have the students create an informative music video that can be seen online.
Some considerations for using Animoto in the hospital setting include
  • Obtain departmental approval
  •  Contact Information Services (IS). This site has streaming videos. Blocking the site is a high probability because of bandwidth and the potential strain on the local hospital server.
  • Request permission to access the site from IS
  •  Explain the purpose of using the site in addition to how it is of benefit to the institution
  •  Put the request and explanation down in writing. Send a “cc” to all interested parties, including management
  •  Consider a “downloadable file” in a MP4 format (Available with the All Access Account) that can be used as a vodcast.
  • Hope for the best!
To begin making videos:

2.    Plan the music video (I like to make an outline)
3.    Organize pictures/or videos
4.    Upload pictures or videos to the Animoto site
5.    Arrange them in the order
6.    Create some text (optional, but I  highly recommend)
7.    Choose music from a broad array of licensed offerings 
8.    Finalize the project by clicking publish
9.    Sit back and enjoy viewing the video
10.  The toolbox allows reediting and remixing  

CLICK HERE to view "The Basics for Creating Videos on Animoto


  1. This is why I'm so happy you have started sharing this publicly. Nurses need more of this type of creativity in their education! We need to talk again sometime soon, I have a couple ideas for partnering to spread your work further! I'm posting your video on the Nursing Ideas facebook group.

    You rock Teresa!

    Happy Friday,

  2. Thank-you Rob! You rock too! We should definitely talk soon! Thank-you also for posting the video on Nursing Ideas!

  3. Love the creativity of web based educ. I attended your session at NNSDO in San Diego and loved it. You're breaking new ground...keep it up.

  4. Taffy, Thank-you for your kind remarks! I'm glad you enjoyed the session! I will be teaching a workshop at the 2011 NNSDO convention in Chicago on web-building. Hope to see you there!