Friday, April 26, 2013

Product Review: Dickie's Scrub Top

A few months back I was contacted by a marketing analyst for Uniform Scrubs to see if I was interested in reviewing a new Dickie’s top that is part of their spring and summer collection. Although I never wrote about clothing before, I decided to do this review because I thought it would be fun! Several weeks later, after much anticipation, I received the top in the mail. The top is a junior-style, V-neck white scrub with dark grey trim from the "Hip Flip" line (Picture 1).
Dickie's Junior Scrub Top (Picture 1)
I thought the best way to approach this review was to gather feedback from staff by using a focus group minus the post-evaluation forms! One day, during break, I presented the top to a group of nurse educators and asked them to scrutinize the top and provide their honest opinions on the following:
appearance, durability, positive features and potential drawbacks. Overall, the top received high marks on its overall appearance that is simple, sporty, and yet attractive. Many described the top as “nice looking.” The top is well made and the contrasting trim is reinforced with a zigzag stitch. The pockets are also reinforced. Additional stitching is found at stress points on the fabric. There were two features that everyone in the group agreed upon as impressive:
  1. The neckline has an added piece of soft material that is sewn between the V-neck (Picture 2).
    V-neck (Picture 2)
    added feature provides a better fit and support around the V-neck especially when bending forward. This helps avoid potential unintended exposure! 
  2. On the right side there is a double pocket (Figure 3) and a large pocket on the left side. These are good for holding and separating a variety of items that may be needed during the day 
Pocket (Picture 3)
One potential drawback depends upon your institution’s dress code. If the institution has a solid color dress code, for example: nurses wear white, the contrasting trim and black material on the V-neck may not meet with the policy guidelines. However, the colored trim could represent different levels of staffing within a discipline of an institution. One staff member wondered if the top could be bleached due to the colored trim and black material piece found at the V-neck. In such cases, I would use color-safe bleach. In general, the top was well received!

 I did have the opportunity to look at Uniform Scrubs site and found they have a large selection of scrub tops, lab jackets, and uniform pants at competitive prices.


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