Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online Binders in the Hospital Setting

Last weekend as the snow fell in New York, I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a presentation on “LiveBinders” that was streaming live from the “TeachMeetGA 2012” conference. Steven W. Anderson also known as @web20classroom gave a presentation that provided excellent information on this application. If you have an opportunity visit his blog for good information and tips!
The website describes “LiveBinders” as a “three ring binder for the web.” By creating a "Live Binder", one can collect and organize resources found on the web including PDFs and videos. This is a terrific site to use for compiling information on any topic into a small neat online binder. According to the site and individual can upload any file up to 5 MB with a total storage of 100 MB. Current subscriptions are free!
LiveBinders offers video tutorials that clearly explain how to use the site. Click here for a brief video overview of LiveBinders. I found this application easy use and fairly intuitive. Some considerations for using this site in the hospital setting:
  • Use websites that the hospital has already approved for a bypass proxy. This will simplify access to pages by staff who may or may not have internet access
  • Request a bypass proxy in writing for hospital-blocked sites and provide the rationale for access (Example: Educational YouTube videos)
  • Use the embedding codes to have the binder appear on the website
  • Organize binders for almost any topic including patient education, hospital safety, new initiatives, staff education, practice updates, and more!
  • Use the Edit button to access the different page layouts 
  • Binders can be easily updated by adding/changing URLs to existing or new tabs
Below is a LiveBinder that I quickly put together on Patient Safety Information. 


  1. With so many resources and info., Live Binders seem like a great way to get rid of the, "Where did I see...." I'm going to play around to see about creating a nursing orientation binder. Thanks Teresa, can't wait to see what others will create!

  2. Taffy, an orientation binder is a terrific idea! Post the link when you've assembled your LiveBinder! I'd love to see it! What I like about this application is that you can easily update the binder with new information! I am currently putting together a patient satisfaction information binder. I'll keep you posted! :)

  3. This sounds like a great tool. How have the nurses responded to the binder?

  4. Hi Mary! I have had very positive responses from my peers. Some are working on their own binders for their specialties. I haven't posted binders on my institution's intranet site yet but plan to soon. When I do, I will let you know about the staff feedback. Not all staff at my institution have internet privileges which makes me choose webpages that I know have an existing bypass proxy.

  5. Here is a nursing orientation binder. Soon, we will add all clinical staff for 1 day. The binder is still a work in progress (aren't they all!). Overall, I really like this format-everything in one place. It does not show the hands-on, active learning pieces, so hopefully, others can see more than just tabs.
    2 key points-use the presentation mode when teaching and you can not embed a nice icon (like the patient safety binder above) into a comment field such as this. You can embed code to create a link (see below). I can send what sent me if anyone is interested.
    Clinical–Nursing Orientation

    1. Taffy,
      May I say WOW!I just had the opportunity to review the orientation binder! Terrific work and beautifully organized! Love the pictures on your PPT presentations too! I like the format offered on the LiveBinders site! Have you had the opportunity to use this binder with your orientees yet or is it still in the tweaking process?
      Have you considered adding the link(s) for an online quiz(s) instead of the test image? This works nicely on this site as well. Thank-you for sharing! Please post the LiveBinders response : )! May I tweet about your orientation binder?

  6. Hi Teresa,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I can not copy/paste the live binder instructions for embedding link as seen in my msg. above. There is a url in the instructions, so the computer creates a link, but it goes no where. I am happy to send the "live binder support" instructions to anyone.
    The nursing orienation binder is still in progress, although I have added a few more items. I have trialed the pieces that are completed and it works well. There is quite a bit of active learning (much you don't see), but I'd like to see more. When the binder is "done," you may tweet. A couple of more weeks and I'm hoping it will be done.

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  8. I have created a nursing orientation at Just search "nursing orientation" as the binder is open to the public. As always, it is a work in progress and you don't see the hands on activities or obviously hear the discussion.
    I am in the midst of my capstone research project for my MSN. My topic is, use and identificatin of barriers of using Web 2.0 tools for staff developers. Live Binders is a great web tool! We need to stop hunting and gathering!

  9. Absolutely beautiful work! I'm always hunting and definitely love gathering! The bigger issue at both the hospital and system levels is communication of these applications so that everyone is aware of the availability! Additionally how little impact use of such applications has on the budget! Not going to NNSDO this year but will plan to be there next year!

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